Saturday, November 27

Hospitals in Haiti suffer from lack of fuel

Haiti’s hospitals and telecommunications providers have warned that their services could be disrupted due to fuel shortages caused by increasing control by criminal gangs in Port-au-Prince.

Lives are “likely to be lost” if fuel supplies do not reach hospitals immediately, warned the acting UN humanitarian coordinator in the country, Pierre Honnorat.

An association of private hospitals in Haiti, which provides more than 70% of hospital and emergency care to the population, said it was sending “a cry of alarm to the government.”

“With this fuel shortage, the continuity of vital services from 40 hospitals to entire sectors of the population is threatened. The poorest can pay very dearly ”, said the association.

The same concern was expressed by the international NGO Doctors without Borders. The gangs that control much of Port-au-Prince have blocked the roads leading to the oil terminals, preventing the regular supply of gas stations for several months.


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