Finland: Lapland presents itself virtually | current tourism

“Only in Lapland” is the name of a new virtual reality experience from Finnish Lapland. Visitors can move freely in the last wilderness of Europe, which has been completely designed on the computer, and learn a lot of stories and information about the region.

The VR animation invites users of the site to get to know the seasons, wilderness, wildlife and northern lights of Lapland and to post their own images of the artificially created world. “Since so many people have been tied to their computer screens in the last two years, we wanted to offer everyone the opportunity to experience a little nature, even if it is only simulated,” says the responsible program manager Salla-Mari Koistinen.

Travel agency employees can use the site to refresh their own knowledge of the destination, or they can make the travel destination around the Arctic Circle attractive to their customers. It goes into the virtual world with this link.

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