Endangered goat found in Seoul

The goat, which is a Natural Monument No. 217 (Cultural Heritage Administration, 1968) and an endangered wildlife class I (1998, Ministry of Environment), was also found in Inwangsan and Ansan in Seoul. The goat is a protected species, both domestically and internationally, as a CITES Annex I and IUCN Red List Vulnerable Species (VU).

In Korea, it is mainly found in Gangwon-do, northern Gyeonggi-do, and some regions of Gyeongbuk. In Seoul, after being first sighted at Yongmasan in 2018, traces were also found in Inwangsan in 2020 and Ansan in April 2021. Habitat and environment are being monitored.

It is a time when we need to change the awareness of citizens and make efforts to protect the unusual situation in which goats continue to appear and their scope is expanding in Seoul.

The Seoul Metropolitan Government and the National Institute of Ecology announced that they would conduct non-face-to-face online education for citizens on the 27th to establish a cooperative system for protecting goats and change public awareness.

Do-soon Jo, director of the National Institute of Ecology, said, “In order to protect endangered species, public awareness of endangered species needs to be changed, and public interest in and reporting on endangered species is required.

Reporter Lee So-mi [email protected]


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