Creepy and it’s not Halloween! Women are attacked with needle sticks in nightclubs to drug them

Some women have reported a series of spooky events and this is not a trick of the Halloween season, but something that alarms the UK authorities: have been stung with needles, presumably from syringes, and then have experienced sensations typical of the supply of a type of drug.

According to a report by The New York Times newspaper, which recovered a testimony, Lizzie Wilson, 18, a freshman student in Nottingham, was attending a nightclub with three friends last Monday night when she felt a sting in her back, as if she had been injected. Ten minutes later, the woman was struggling to stand up., as reported by the newspaper.

The victim stated that I had already heard of the rumor about injections to young women attending crowded nightclubs and immediately she feared she was one more of the unfortunate ones affected. Faced with this fear and with the symptoms on her back, she was quickly taken by her friends to the hospital, where she spent several hours disoriented and without feeling in her legs. “No one should go through that,” he declared. Wilson a The New York Times.

According to the American media, for more than a year the United Kingdom it has had a wave of attacks on women; and now it is increased by complaints of women who have been bitten by syringes, in a model that evokes the supply of substances in drinks, but now with needles, presumably to subdue them and commit abuses against them.

According to the report, the British police are investigating the reported “needle sticks”, where 12 incidents are found in Nottinghamshire alone. Until now, the profile of the victims is that of young female students, although there is a man who also reported being the victim of an attack similar.



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