Corona in China: Lockdown in the metropolis of Lanzhou

Status: 10/26/2021 11:25 a.m.

In response to several corona outbreaks, the Chinese government has imposed a strict curfew in the metropolis of Lanzhou. Restrictions have been in effect in Beijing again since Monday.

In the fight against a new corona wave, China has quarantined the metropolis of Lanzhou. The residents of the metropolis in the Gansu province are only allowed to leave their homes in emergencies or to buy food. Inputs and outputs are to be monitored. Previously, 29 new infections with the corona virus had been registered across China, six of them in Gansu province.

New corona restrictions had already been imposed in the capital Beijing on Monday – a good hundred days before the start of the Winter Olympics. The residents of Beijing were asked to only leave the city in urgent cases and to avoid large crowds. The Beijing marathon planned for next Sunday has been postponed indefinitely. Several residential complexes were cordoned off. Before the start of the winter games, which begin on February 4, a major corona outbreak in the country should be prevented.

Virus probably brought in from abroad

As reported by the state media, the current wave was triggered by an introduction from abroad. A Chinese tour group that was traveling in several provinces spread the virus in the country since last week. Around 180 infections have been found since then. At least eleven provinces are now affected by the outbreak. The district of Ejin in northern China with over 30,000 inhabitants was cordoned off on Monday.

Although the cases registered nationwide are very few compared to other countries, the Chinese government has been following a strict “zero covid” strategy since the beginning of the pandemic: With curfews, mass tests, contact tracing, quarantine and strict entry restrictions, the country largely has the corona virus under control. However, there are always smaller outbreaks, which are then brought under control with great effort.

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