CO2 emissions: The high energy prices are good and right


Status: 10/26/2021 6:55 p.m.

What emits CO2 must no longer become cheaper. It would be wrong to artificially stop the rise in the price of fossil fuels. If the EU is serious about climate protection, it must focus more on green energies.

A comment by Holger Beckmann, ARD-Studio Brussels

But it is also too tricky: It has been sounding in the European Union for over two years now that climate protection is the highest goal and that we have to and want to get away from CO2 and natural gas, crude oil and coal. And as soon as these fossil fuels finally become significantly more expensive again after a long time, there is loud wail. How does that fit together? The answer is clear: not at all.

Holger Beckmann
ARD studio Brussels

A change of direction makes sense

Because actually the admittedly rapid price increase in the past few months should impressively show how dependent society is still on the old energies. That should slowly make it clear to everyone that a change of direction towards renewables not only makes sense with a view to being able to somehow save the climate, but that it is also wise because green energy is cheaper and more international in the long run is more competitive.

And with it you don’t become so dependent on states and heads of state on whom you don’t really want to be dependent. In this case from Russia and its President Vladimir Putin with the grandiose gas reserves.

Direct help for households in need

But what are Europe’s energy ministers doing instead? They are very busy and are desperately looking for solutions to stop the price increase, because it mainly affects people and households with low incomes. That is right, and it is also right, that every state must ensure that its citizens do not have to freeze or sit in the dark.

But please not by artificially making fossil energy cheaper again. But rather by giving these households in need direct assistance so that they can pay their energy bills.

Right signal at the right time

Anything else would be the completely wrong signal. What emits CO2 must no longer become cheaper, on the contrary: it must continue to become more expensive. And if more people are forced to stop using the car as often in everyday life, for example, but instead use the bike more often, then that is not bad, but good.

The high prices for fossil fuels are the right signal at the right time. Europe should be careful not to tinker with it. At least if you are serious about climate protection and CO2 neutrality.

Comment: Not expensive enough: the high energy prices are good and right!

Holger Beckmann, ARD Brussels, October 26th, 2021 6:21 p.m.

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