Camping Easy, November Used camping equipment platform launch

Released on the 22nd of next month, aiming to promote safe second-hand trading
KakaoTalk channel event for 4 weeks from October 25th

‘Campingeasy’, an Instagram channel specializing in camping, will launch a specialized app for trading used camping supplies on November 22. A pre-event will also be held ahead of this.

The Camping Easy app is a service that enables transactions of used camping equipment between individuals through mobile devices. By providing 1:1 chat and identity authentication service that allows real-time conversations, fast and safe second-hand transactions are possible. In addition
Every day at 12 noon, auctions starting from 100 won and lucky draw events will provide the pleasure of winning items.

To commemorate the launch of the app, Camping Easy will hold a quiz event on the official KakaoTalk channel of Camping Easy from October 25th to November 17th. Just add the Camping Easy channel and send the answer through 1:1 chat. A total of 116 people will be given camping supplies such as hard gear belt tents, Pasecon fireplaces, and DOD wagons through lottery.

Camping Easy General Manager Kim Hyung-seok said, “The used camping equipment market is growing in line with trends such as camping and car parks.

Camping Easy Logo / Camping Easy

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