Sunday, November 28

Amalfi workshop: start with Forum Anders Reisen | current tourism

A workshop started yesterday afternoon on the Italian Amalfi Coast at which the Italian Tourist Office and the Forum Anders Reisen want to present alternative forms of travel and offers for the much-visited holiday region.

The basis for this is a sustainable tourism concept in which 14 municipalities and 70 tourism companies in the region participate under the label “Authentic Amalfi Coast”. In addition to excursions into the region, the workshop also includes two sessions of several hours in which the concept is presented and discussed. The whole thing is organized by the regional tourism association Distretto Turistico Costa d’Amalfi.

One approach of the concept is to focus more on the attractive hinterland, to maintain the authenticity of the region and to develop new, innovative products and offers. The Amalfi Coast should become a kind of blueprint for other regions of Italy.

touristik aktuell is present at the event and will report on the workshop on the ta homepage as well as in the newsletter and in the print edition (ta 45-46 / 2021).

Matthias Gürtler

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