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Aero K cabin crew new hires ‘eyes’

Until October 31, this year, the first
Tattoos allowed, no restrictions on appearance, education, or age

Aero-K will hire new cabin crew until October 31st. The photo is an image of Aero-K’s official SNS recruitment campaign / Aero-K

Aero-K is preparing for with Corona by hiring new cabin crew until October 31st. It is the first new crew member hired by a national company this year, and it is attracting attention by removing restrictions on appearance, education, and age.

The first evaluation is conducted with minimum requirements such as foreign language ability and external activities. The self-introduction item, which expresses the applicant’s personality, also contains Aero-K’s philosophy of seeking three-dimensional talent. Educational background restrictions, appearance regulations, and age restrictions were removed, and the submission of photos in the document screening process was prohibited.

It also launched a recruitment campaign to change the perception of cabin attendants. As a safety officer, rather than a simple service job, he emphasized the strong appearance of suppressing in-flight riots and carrying out lifesaving activities. Last year, Aero-K introduced a genderless uniphone, which does not discriminate between men and women, and continued attempts to break away from industry practices by wearing sneakers.

AeroK CEO Kang Byung-ho said, “This recruitment campaign breaks the prejudice against the traditional image of airline cabin crew and contains a sense of duty to take responsibility for the safety of passengers and the weight of the job. It will become a brand that delivers more value.”

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