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26.10.2021 – 22:30

The Organizing Committee of 2021 World IoT Expo

Wuxi, China (ots/PRNewswire)

On October 23, the 2021 World Internet of Things (IoT) Wuxi Summit took place, which launched the 2021 World Internet of Things Expo. Experts from the global IoT industry met in Wuxi to explore the endless possibilities of digital transformation and to hope for a bright future of the IoT and the digital world.

Du Xiaogang, secretary of the Wuxi Municipal Party Committee, said in his speech, “The networking of all things will brighten the world for us; digital civilization is our new future. In this sense, the fair is the best platform for us to to look into the future. ” For the past 12 years, Wuxi has been deeply involved with the IoT and is known as the capital of the IoT. According to the organizing committee of the World IoT Expo 2021, the annual World IoT Expo has developed into the most important event for the exchange between IoT researchers, industries and cities.

Wuxi is located between Changzhou and Suzhou on the shores of Lake Taihu and was originally built in 202 BC. Founded during the Han Dynasty. Later, during the Sui and Tang Dynasties, the city became a center for the export of rice and textiles with the opening of the Grand Canal. More recently, the city has been known for its well-developed manufacturing industry – but in the past twelve years, Wuxi has re-developed from a modern industrial and commercial hub to an advanced manufacturing city, synonymous with the Internet of Things (IoT).

With over 3,000 companies specializing in IoT, Wuxi now plays an important role in promoting the IoT sector in China and the national strategy for high-tech development. For example, the local government pioneered China’s first environmental protection project to use intelligent technology: it set up a network of sensors to better monitor the water quality of Lake Tai. The city is also taking a leadership role in exploring the Internet of Things and building a full industrial chain of chips, sensor devices, network communications, intelligent hardware, and application services with an industrial volume of more than 300 billion yuan (465 million US dollars by 2020) Dollars) will have. With a focus on IoT, the Internet of Vehicles, intelligent transportation, intelligent manufacturing, smart cities, big data, 5G and AI, the technology industry in Wuxi is poised to continue its rapid expansion in the era of intelligent connectivity.

“The last 12 years were the beginning,” says Vice Mayor Gao. “In the future, the further integration of AI and IoT will have long-term and far-reaching implications. With greater connectivity, the tangible benefits of the IoT will be visible and tangible to more people, and the recognition of these benefits will have great potential for the IoT in China and the world Mean rest of the world. “

Wuxi has a lot to offer to companies, investors, entrepreneurs and researchers in the field of IoT. The city is a remarkable example of an discoverer, promoter, and supporter of this breakthrough technology and a witness to the benefits its application can bring.

For more information on how to visit the World IoT Exposition remotely, please visit https://www.wiotexpo.cn/#/

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