▷ rbb-exclusive: HU President justifies the announcement of her resignation

26.10.2021 – 17:42

rbb – Broadcasting Berlin-Brandenburg

Berlin (ots)

The President of Berlin’s Humboldt University, Art, justified her decision to resign at the end of the year. Art said on rbb Kultur on Tuesday:

“I have nothing against the amendment to the Berlin University Act. That is a competence of the state and the parliament, so I have nothing to oppose. My point is (…) that (…) a different form of personnel structure with more secure staff positions – also for young academic staff – but what I am opposed to are the additions that have now come with the amendment. ”

In this context, Kunst named paragraph 110 of the amendment to the Berlin University Act (BerlHG) that came into force at the end of September. This paragraph was added to the law in a night and fog action – “without consulting the universities – and without looking at whether the implementation of what was the political goal can also succeed,” said Kunst .

After careful consideration, she came to the conclusion that she could not adequately implement the measures in her facility, according to Kunst. The main problem is that post-doctoral students would have to be offered permanent positions under the new regulation.

“This is currently overwhelming the conditions at the university, so that we are actually depriving ourselves of the game of action of developing a new structure for the university and also being able to do excellence research at the same time. Because for that you usually need vacancies. You have to be able to choose who comes – and can achieve both the goal of a solid structure and excellent research at the same time, not just with permanent scientific staff. ”

Listen to the whole interview: In protest against the new Berlin higher education law – HU President Sabine Kunst surprisingly resigns | rbbKultur (rbb-online.de)

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