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26.10.2021 – 17:58

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Berlin (ots)

The constitution of the Bundestag was a session of superlatives: bigger, younger and more feminine than ever before, the newly elected parliament met. Many reporters noticed positively that with the SPD politician Bärbel Bas a woman will occupy the office of parliamentary president. For the third time in the long history of the Bundestag and therefore a special feature. The head of the state, with the President of the Federal Republic of Germany, President of the Federal Council, President of the Federal Constitutional Court and the prospective Chancellor, urgently needed a woman. The high number of female vice-presidents is also considered special.

But what is applauded as a success is actually a tragedy. In 2021, gender equality is still not a matter of course, but will be celebrated as soon as it succeeds. Of course, these successes are cause for joy, but they also illustrate how far the way is still. Because equality is not yet normal. The majority of top political offices and decision-making positions are held by men. The former SPD member Bela Bach said in the summer that she had never felt so disadvantaged as a woman as in the German Bundestag. In this respect, the election of the Speaker of Parliament and her deputy should be treated with caution.

But the new occupations of the parliamentary groups of the Greens, the SPD and the Left certainly give hope. These are particularly young, diverse and feminine. The Green parliamentary group, for example, has 59 percent women. In the left it is 54 percent and in the SPD 42 percent. The CDU and CSU as well as the liberals do not even reach the 25th mark. In terms of gender equality, little can be expected from them in the coming legislative period.

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