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▷ “Lost in Fuseta” (AT): ARD Degeto filmed Gil Ribeiro’s bestselling crime thriller with Jan …

26.10.2021 – 10:48

ARD Das Erste

Munich (ots)

In other leading roles: Eva Meckbach and Daniel Christensen

Crime fans have been waiting longingly for this: Gil Ribeiro’s bestseller “Lost in Fuseta” about an unusual German investigator in Portugal is being filmed in original locations in the Algarve. Leander Lost (Jan Krauter), the exceptional commissioner: As an Asperger’s autist, he has extraordinary abilities such as a photographic memory or an unmistakable radar to determine whether his counterpart is lying. At the same time, he neither understands irony nor can he interpret emotional vibrations during a conversation, and he is unable to lie – which repeatedly presents him with challenges in interpersonal relationships.

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As part of a European exchange program, Lost is transferred to the fishing town of Fuseta, where an exciting and tricky case awaits him and his local colleagues: the murder of a private detective, behind which a highly explosive corruption scandal involving the local water supply is hidden. While the investigative duo on site, Graciana Rosado (Eva Meckbach) and Carlos Esteves (Daniel Christensen), is wondering what kind of strange bird the German colleagues have sent them, Lost has to try somehow to fit into the new team – which leads to involuntarily funny, but also dramatic situations. A team-finding of a special kind takes its course … In addition, the beautiful Portuguese Soraia (Filipa Areosa) brings Lost’s meticulously sorted mental hygiene very out of step.

The multiple award-winning screenwriter Holger Karsten Schmidt (including the Grimme Prize), who is behind the pseudonym Gil Ribeiro, also wrote the scripts for the first part (2 x 90 min.) Of the new ARD Degeto crime series. He developed the concept for the series in 2015. Four novels about the investigator Lost have already been published, the fifth will follow shortly. Filming in Fuseta and the surrounding area has started and is expected to last until November 22, 2021. In addition to Jan Krauter, Eva Meckbach, Daniel Christensen and Filipa Areosa, Bianca Nawrath and Anton Weil are part of the permanent ensemble, Philippe Graber can be seen in episode roles.

“Lost in Fuseta” (AT) is a production by FFP New Media (produced by Simone Höller, Michael Smeaton and producer Anemone Krüzner) on behalf of ARD Degeto for ARD. Florian Baxmeyer is the director, Patrick Simon and Christoph Pellander (ARD Degeto) are responsible for the editing.

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