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26.10.2021 – 09:20

ionotech GmbH

Eching (ots)

Last year, with government support, the young company developed a mask coated with flowing ions that kills viruses, bacteria and fungi quickly and efficiently.

Due to the high incidence of corona in children and adolescents, the company now also produces its virucidal mask in three different sizes. The different fits of the children’s masks prevent so-called false air from being inhaled on the sides.

Thanks to the thin-film technology already used for other masks from a sister company, a specially developed metal composition is worked into the mask and a steady flow of ions is generated through further treatment steps. This inactivates viruses that come into contact with the “SilverStrike One” and “SilverStrike One KIDS” mask, and kills fungi and bacteria reliably and in the shortest possible time. The technology was examined in the in-house laboratory as well as in the Hohenstein Laboratories and Fraunhofer Dresden with the accompanying support from the Bayern Innovativ funding agency (project sponsor of the Free State of Bavaria) as part of a project. Inventor Stephan Spanner, also known in the industry as the “filter pope”, worked on this new coating method for masks with his two young business partners last year. The idea for this came up before the Covid 19 pandemic and was taken out of the drawer with the first media reports from China and put into practice. This innovation is not only the last blow against Corona, as the masks are effective against all mutants, but can also be used for any textiles such as gloves, smocks, hoods and covers.

Company history:

Ionotech GmbH is the further development and sister company of a company that has been in existence for a long time and has been collecting know-how in the field of medical mouth and nose protection for over 23 years. The company “prophy-dent” and its managing director Stephan Spanner has always produced gold-coated surgical masks. The application of gold with the help of thin-film technology enables the filtering of mercury, which dentists are exposed to during amalgam treatments.

Stephan Spanner has been a specialist in the fields of environmental, medical and filter technology for over 35 years.

The basic idea of ​​further development and the coating of masks with other metals had been part of Mr. Spanner’s collection of numerous inventions for a long time. With the first headlines about the SARS-CoV-2 virus, which was initially still spreading in Asia, it quickly became clear to him that it was now time to convert his idea into a really existing product. For this reason he got younger support on board and founded the company ionotech GmbH, which has been involved in the development of the “SilverStrike One” that has now been completed.

The name of the company arises from the principle of the mode of action of the flowing ions on the mask: ionotech GmbH.

More information at: https://www.ionotech.de/

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