▷ First Lucky Luke Lexicon: From A to Z – everything about the comic cowboy!

26.10.2021 – 12:55

Egmont Ehapa Comic Collection

Berlin (ots)

75 years of Lucky Luke history! On many adventurous rides, the Lonesome Cowboy has visited real and fictional places, had fantastic companions and conquered dangerous enemies. Time for a closer look behind the scenes of the Wild West universe: From November 5th, “The great Lucky Luke Lexicon” will appear for the first time as a worldwide first publication.

The two comic luminaries Horst Berner and Volker Hamann, two proven “Lucky Luke” experts, have compiled the concentrated knowledge of the famous comic cowboy. They give a historical outline of all volumes, portray all creative people who have been involved since 1946 and summarize facts worth knowing about the Lonesome Cowboy and his colleagues – everything from A to Z.

Volker Hamann: “It was particularly appealing to analyze this extensive and original oeuvre, to measure it for the lexicon and thus to gain deeper insights into the subject matter of comics and the creative process of creator Morris and his colleagues.”

Horst Berner: “The result was around 1,650 key words, the definitions of which also illuminate cheerful gags and witty allusions. Also of course: For all of this and much more we sometimes had to toil faster than our shadows.”

In addition, there are exclusively rare illustrations and rarely seen comic pages by Morris as well as a foreword by Ralf König, who is already part of the 75th anniversary with his homage “Zarter Schmelz”.

The hardback edition of “Das große Lucky Luke Lexikon” (Euro 39.00 – ISBN: 978-3-7704-0218-2 Egmont Comic Collection) will be available in stores from November 5th and also online in the Egmont Shop: www.egmont-shop.de.

You can download detailed images and information material from the Egmont press portal. Register at www.egmont-presseportal.de for the “Lucky Luke: 75th Anniversary” press room. After your activation you can start downloading.

For interview requests to the Lucky Luke experts, a read PDF or review copy, please contact the press contact.

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