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27.10.2021 – 01:00

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District Assembly President Sager: The federal government must finally create equal living conditions for town and country

Rapid expansion of digitization in rural areas is crucial for this – No to loosening the debt brake: “The state must learn to manage its not entirely bad income”

Osnabrück. The President of the German District Assembly, Reinhard Sager, calls on the new federal government to finally create equal living conditions for town and country. “In recent years and decades we have had a policy centered on the big cities, that has to change,” said Sager of the “Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung” (NOZ). The decisive factor is the rapid expansion of digitization in rural areas: “Because only those who can find what they need to live can freely decide where they want to live,” said Sager, who is also the district administrator in the Schleswig-Holstein district of Ostholstein .

Sager also called for more personal responsibility for the municipalities, counties and cities in financial matters: “About 25 percent of state-induced expenditure is borne by the municipality, but only about 14 percent of tax revenue ends up there. This large gap is no longer acceptable,” said Sager who also opposes a loosening of the debt brake and new borrowing for the future projects of the future federal government: “The state must finally learn to budget with its not entirely bad income.”

The district council president is also critical of the increasing interference by the federal government in federal matters: “The federal government wants to shape politics in areas that are none of its concern. Incidentally, this is also the fault of the federal states, which have lost many billions in recent years and, according to their responsibilities, have actually had the federal government bought them off. “

Sager is also critical of the CDU, for which he sat in the Schleswig-Holstein state parliament from 1992 to 2001: “The CDU had a meaningless Bundestag election campaign, it was neither set up correctly in terms of program nor topic she lacks authentic personalities. ” He doesn’t have a favorite for the party chairmanship, for one simple reason: “I haven’t seen this or that yet.”

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