Sunday, November 28

Viral: A monkey throws a brick from a second floor and kills a man in India

A curious tragedy happened in India. As a result of an impact to the head, a man was killed in the Nabi Karim area of ​​central Delhi. But the news is curious because the brick that killed him was thrown by a monkey from the second floor of a building, according to police reports.

The 30-year-old man identified as Mohammad Kurbaan received the blow that seriously injured you and passed out so he was transferred to a nearby hospital where was reported dead by the medical teamThe Indian Express reported.

According to local media, the police discovered that the brick was thrown from the house of a certain Omprakash Mishra who referred to the authority that He had placed two bricks to keep the top of the water tank fixed so that the monkeys could not open it.

According to the police hypothesis, a group of monkeys that live in the area removed the bricks and were thrown, with the now fatal results.

The victim is survived by his wife and a five-year-old boyrevealed the police.



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