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Here the travel agency customers were vaccinated. Photo: private

Office manager Michael Draeger. Photo: private

Information signs in the travel caf Stoffregen. Photo: private

The success was huge. 245 people were vaccinated last Saturday in the Dortmund agency Reisecafe Stoffregen. The campaign was launched by the travel agency initiative “We are all tourism – together we are strong” by tourism experts Petra Dyk, Anke Mingerzahn, Joerg Franzen, Marion Tibursky and Michael Draeger.

Tourism experts want to help increase the vaccination rate in Germany

The sextet had considered what the tourism industry can do to increase the vaccination rate in Germany. Together they developed the idea of ​​setting up their own vaccination campaign in a travel agency. Because according to Michael Draeger, office manager of the Reisecafe Stoffregen agency, vaccination and travel are inseparable.

Said and done. Draeger wedged behind the organization. He phoned authorities, greeted those responsible for the city during a site inspection at the travel agency, made sure that all hygiene rules were implemented and finally got the green light for the action.

Together with the Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians, the City of Dortmund and the Pharmacist Association, the travel agency team was ready last Saturday in the middle of Dortmund city center – and was overrun. Draeger had created flyers in advance and stirred the media advertising drum. His expectations were manageable. “I thought that if 20 people willing to vaccinate come, we can already speak of a success,” the office manager told touristik aktuell.

The tourism expert is proud that 245 people were vaccinated at the end of the day. According to Draeger, the mix of those interested in vaccinations could not have been more colorful: “First and second vaccinations, booster vaccinations – everything was included. We and the doctors had to speak to those willing to be vaccinated in German, English and French. “

Lots of new customers in the travel agency

Most of those willing to vaccinate did not know the travel agency before their visit on Saturday. That is why the campaign was a success from a marketing point of view as well. In addition, some people found out about travel after the vaccination. According to Draeger, a new customer had an offer drawn up for a Dubai-New York combination. Another couple, also working for the first time in a travel agency, booked a stay in Tenerife.

The team from Reisecafe Stoffregen is enthusiastic about the success of the campaign. So excited that the next vaccination campaign is already planned in four weeks. “This is a clear win-win action. We help to increase the vaccination rate, show presence and win new customers, ”says Draeger happily.

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