Starting the resumption of international flights at regional airports from the end of November… The key is the quarantine system

Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, Gimhae-Saipan, Guam 1 to 2 flights per week at the end of November
Resumption of regional airports by increasing utilization of CIQ tasks such as quarantine and immigration screening
Travel agencies are busy preparing charter flights from Guam, Taiwan, and Thailand rather than regular flights

Starting with Gimhae Airport from the end of November, international flight operations at regional airports will be expanded. The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport announced on October 24 that it plans to gradually resume international flights at regional airports from November for those who have completed domestic vaccinations and have a certificate of exemption from quarantine. The reopening of regional airports has become visible after a year and seven months since the unification of Incheon International Airport for international flights that took effect in April of last year.

According to the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, international flights at Gimhae Airport will be expanded as early as the end of November. Gimhae Airport, which had only operated Air Busan Gimhae-Qingdao (once a week) route so far, plans to increase the utilization of customs, immigration, and quarantine (CIQ) to operate 2 additional times a week, Gimhae-Saipan, and Gimhae-Guam once a week. . In the case of Saipan, the purpose is to respond to the recent rapid increase in travel bubble travel demand (8,038 cumulative reservations between Incheon and Saipan as of October 21), and Guam to respond to the demand for winter resorts. The two routes are expected to partially quench the thirst of local residents for overseas travel. The airlines operating by route will be selected at a later date.

In December, when herd immunity is formed, when there is a demand for international flights from Daegu, Cheongju, and Muan airports, after consultations with relevant organizations such as quarantine authorities to resume CIQ operation, pilot flights are conducted 3 to 5 times a week for each airport, and then gradually expanded plan to do it Lastly, during the Lunar New Year holiday next year, when overseas travel demand is expected to increase further, we plan to discuss with relevant agencies the appropriate size and timing of flights in consideration of the international demand for Gimpo, Jeju, and Yangyang Airports and the CIQ operation status.

Kim Yong-seok, head of the Aviation Policy Department of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, said, “Starting with the increase in the number of flights between Saipan and Guam at Gimhae Airport, the convenience of overseas travel for local residents will greatly improve as international flights to regional airports gradually expand. We will actively support the recovery of the regional aviation and travel industry, such as the resumption of international flights at airports.”

The travel industry welcomed the move to resume international flights at regional airports, but cautiously predicted that it would be necessary to wait a little longer until normal operation. An industry official said, “As the normal operation of regional airports has been delayed due to CIQ issues, this announcement by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport can be evaluated positively. There seems to be a lot of uncertainty in the audience as well,” he said. He continued, “Travel agencies are more busy preparing for charter flights, but they seem to be preparing Guam, Saipan, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam for the Lunar New Year holiday in January and February next year. It seems to be,” he said.

Meanwhile, an official from the Mariana Tourism Administration said, “If the Gimhae-Saipan flight starts, you will be able to receive TRIP benefits when using the package product.

The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport plans to expand international flights to regional airports, starting with Gimhae International Airport at the end of November. The photo is from Gimhae International Airport / Korea Airports Corporation

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