Slightly faded tourist flight, but still

As international flights that have been stopped are gradually resumed, non-landing international tourist flights are expected to continue for a while. Although flight performance has decreased compared to the first half of the year, the movement to resume international flights is slow and the load factor for tourist flights is not bad. The tourist flight schedule for November is ▲Air Busan November 20/27 (Busan) ▲Air Seoul November 20/27 (Gimpo) ▲T’way Air November 20 (Incheon), 27th (Incheon/Daegu), It is the 28th (Gimpo). All of the flight courses are the same as before, circling over Japan and returning. As of October 20, Jeju Air has not yet confirmed its November flight plan. According to the Air Portal of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport

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