Nomination of the Union parliamentary group: Magwas should be Vice-Bundestag

Status: 25.10.2021 7:52 p.m.

The parliamentary groups in the Bundestag have nominated their candidates for the Presidium of Parliament. Yvonne Magwas is in the running for the CDU and CSU. The fact that the Union should only get one post in the presidium causes displeasure.

The Union parliamentary group unanimously nominated CDU politician Yvonne Magwas as Vice President of the Bundestag. This is reported by several news agencies, citing parliamentary groups. The 41-year-old Magwas is the leader of the group of women in the Union faction. Group leader Ralph Brinkhaus had said before the meeting that Magwas should be nominated.

Brinkhaus called Magwas an experienced parliamentarian who was also a relatively young member of the parliamentary group and, as a mother, was right in the middle of life. There were several applicants who withdrew so that the parliamentary group would send a signal of unity, said Brinkhaus.

The previous parliamentary deputy Hans-Peter Friedrich (CSU), who had withdrawn an announced campaign candidate, was nevertheless disappointed: “The pressure from Ralph Brinkhaus and the CDU part of the parliamentary group was simply too great,” he told the “Rheinische Post” View of the Union parliamentary group leader.

Union is angry with the SPD, Greens and FDP

Brinkhaus and CSU regional group leader Alexander Dobrindt were meanwhile disappointed that the Union faction only got one post in the Bundestag presidium and not two. Dobrindt said with a view to the SPD, Greens and FDP that the future coalition factions had indicated no willingness to allow the CDU / CSU faction to have two vice-presidents. He thinks that would have been appropriate because the SPD parliamentary group is only slightly larger than the Union parliamentary group.

Brinkhaus called the fact that the Union parliamentary group only got one post in the presidium very regrettable. He said, “But okay, these are new times, new majorities.” SPD parliamentary group leader Mützenich, on the other hand, pointed out that the Union had rejected a similar request from the Social Democrats in the past.

SPD nominates Bas and Özoguz

As the strongest parliamentary group in the new Bundestag, the SPD will in future provide the President of the Bundestag – the health politician Bärbel Bas is intended for this. She is to be elected tomorrow in the constituent session of the Bundestag as the successor to Wolfgang Schäuble. The deputies of the new president are then also elected. Bas also introduced himself to other parliamentary groups. Your election in the constituent session is considered certain because the Union, Greens, FDP and Left have signaled their approval.

In addition, the SPD nominated Hamburg-born Aydan Özoguz as Vice President by a large majority. The strongest parliamentary group traditionally occupies the chief post in the Bundestag as well as a vice post.

AfD tries it with Kaufmann

The Greens put forward with Claudia Roth, the FDP with Wolfgang Kubicki and the Left with Petra Pau again candidates who already belonged to the Bundestag presidium in the last legislative period.

The AfD sends Michael Kaufmann into the race for a vice-post. In the last legislative period, however, all AfD candidates fell through in the elections. SPD parliamentary group leader Rolf Mützenich said that every member of parliament is free to choose how to vote for the AfD candidate. He pointed out, however, that Kaufmann comes from the Thuringian state association of the AfD, which is under observation by the Office for the Protection of the Constitution.

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