Left franchise leaders: Mohamed Ali and Bartsch re-elected

Status: 25.10.2021 5:26 p.m.

Amira Mohamed Ali and Dietmar Bartsch remain the parliamentary leaders of the Left – they were confirmed in office with 76.9 percent of the votes. The party suffered a setback in the Bundestag election.

Dietmar Bartsch and Amira Mohamed Ali remain chairmen of the left in the Bundestag. The two incumbents were confirmed at a parliamentary group meeting. Both received 76.9 percent of the vote, as the parliamentary group announced.

Failure in the federal election

After the defeat of the left in the federal elections, speculation was about to replace the previous parliamentary group. In the end, the two parliamentary group leaders were proposed for re-election by party leaders Janine Wissler and Susanne Hennig-Wellsow. This procedure is provided for by the regulations of the left.

The party is one of the big losers in this election. In the election of September 26th, the left missed the five percent hurdle with 4.9 percent of the vote, but still moved into the new Bundestag with three direct mandates. With at least three direct mandates, the five percent hurdle is bypassed and a party gets seats in the Bundestag after its second vote result. The new parliamentary group still has 39 members – 69 in the previous legislative period.


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