How about here, welcome package 100 million, etc. All efforts to recruit development manpower

Plan to hire about 200 people in development and planning by the first half of next year
Stock options for all existing employees and regular payment based on performance

Here, he offered the best treatment ever and risked his life and death for recruiting development talents. In addition to the annual salary, an additional 100 million won package is provided and development personnel are recruited.

Here, on October 25th, a large-scale recruitment campaign ‘Travel with Here’ was announced. Lead-level development talents are paid a minimum of 40 million won in signing bonus and 60 million won in stock options (stock option) along with their annual salary. Stock options are additionally paid according to experience and competency, and there is no upper limit to ensure the highest level in the industry. If the competency is recognized, incentives of 300 million won or more are possible. New developers receive 30 million won in addition to their annual salary, and incentives for sales and marketing departments have been prepared.

This large-scale recruitment is for about 200 people, focusing on engineering, data, and planning. It is carried out in various areas with the goal of developing new businesses such as outbound (overseas travel) and upgrading existing businesses such as accommodation, activities, and restaurants.

The work policy is also advanced. The company-wide stay-at-home system currently in operation is maintained in With Corona, and productivity is raised. The company plans to enhance the company’s dynamism by freely using the commute time for personal empowerment and rest, and to provide a satisfactory working environment by supporting the latest work equipment. Son Young-mi, head of the HR team, said, “Incentives for joining the company will attract attention as the company’s strengths in joining the company, along with advanced policies such as telecommuting, working 4.5 days a week, and an English title system that aims for mutual respect.”

In addition, the compensation program for existing employees has been strengthened. Stock options are paid out to all employees who have contributed to an average annual growth rate of more than 50%. The company has a clear goal of establishing a performance-oriented culture, such as providing additional stock options based on evaluation every year. Yeogieotte CEO Jeong Myung-hoon explained, “Yeogieotte is a leading company in the travel industry, which is ahead of aggressive investment and growth.

Meanwhile, in Yeogieo, all employees use annual leave for self-payment, refresh leave for two weeks every three years, reward for continuous service, and travel support policies such as paying 1 million points annually.

Here’s how it’s going to focus on hiring development staff / Here’s how

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