Hana Tour held workshop for all employees in Metaverse space

Education such as CI/mission change, mobile app reorganization, etc.
Plan to increase utilization of metaverse such as in-house events

Hana Tour held an employee workshop using the Metaverse platform. By sharing the changed system and direction of the company in a virtual space, they started preparing for With Corona in earnest.

On the 18th, Hana Tour changed the company CI and mission, and made various changes such as reorganizing Hana Tour.com and its mobile app. Through this workshop, we prepared a place to explain related issues, and we used ifland, the metaverse platform, for all employees to participate.

The workshop raised the level of participation with employee participation events such as ▲new mission & new brand introduction ▲travel product reorganization ▲training on the direction of Hana Tour mobile evolution, real-time Q&A, OX quiz, word quiz, and N line event. An employee who participated in the workshop said, “I concentrated on the content more comfortably than the offline workshop.

Meanwhile, Hana Tour conducted employee training on how to use various metaverse platforms such as Ifland, Gathertown, and Verbella in September, and plans to use the metaverse in various fields such as internal events and external communication in the future.

Hana Tour Metaverse Workshop / Hana Tour

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