Great Britain: Now the bus drivers are running out

Status: 25.10.2021 11:13 a.m.

Many truck drivers have been absent in Great Britain since Brexit. This creates supply bottlenecks. Increasing wages are now increasingly attracting bus drivers to this profession. Their changes already have consequences for passenger traffic.

Rising wages for truck drivers are making the job in the UK more attractive. The wage level is attracting previous bus drivers and creating new problems in local transport as a result. The emigration goes back to the blatant shortage of truck drivers, which let the wages rise in the industry, said Bobby Morton of the union Unite the broadcaster “Sky News”.

“Victorian Working Conditions”

Like truck drivers, bus drivers would have long shifts and not enough toilets and sanitary facilities. “So now people think if we have to keep working in these Victorian conditions, we can drive a truck for £ 20 an hour instead of a bus for £ 10,” Morton said. “That’s why bus drivers are going to the other branch in droves.”

According to the Confederation of Passenger Transport UK, around 4,000 bus drivers are currently missing. As a result, connections are already canceled on some routes. The Ministry of Transport has since announced that the procedures for driving tests and provisional bus driving licenses have already been accelerated.

The bus companies could also lose more drivers in the future. Because experts estimate that there is a shortage of 100,000 truck drivers in Great Britain. “Everything we have in the UK comes to us in the back of a truck,” says Rod McKenzie of the Road Haulage Association. Recently, there had been repeated gaps in the product range in supermarkets, for example with fresh fruit and vegetables.

Many drivers from the EU returned to their home countries during the pandemic and will not be able to easily live and work in the UK again after Brexit.

Shortage of personnel in many industries

In other areas, too, the term “shortages” is used much more frequently than before Brexit. For example, there are no butchers. British pig farmers have warned in recent weeks that around 120,000 healthy animals would have to be killed on farms and thrown in the trash if the situation did not improve. In addition, the largest British poultry producer had warned that turkeys could become scarce at Christmas and that a situation that would actually be unimaginable for the islanders could arise.

Nursing staff are also in short supply after Brexit. Katy Etherington, who runs the PA Pool personal care staff database, reported UK applicants could not make up for the lack of continental European staff.

Club operations meanwhile complain about a lack of bouncers. During the pandemic, when clubs and bars were closed for many months, many had left the industry and looked for jobs with more pleasant working hours, said the head of the Night Time Industries Association, Michael Kill, the broadcaster “Sky News”. According to information from the industry, around one in five clubs or restaurants in Great Britain had closed or restricted opening times due to a lack of staff by the past month.

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