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The Korea Tourism Organization (President Young-bae Ahn) released a promotional video for a new safe travel campaign tailored to the transition to a ‘step-by-step recovery of daily life’ on the 22nd as part of the ‘Korea Safe Travel Campaign’, which has been conducted with 17 local governments since last June. Started promoting the campaign.

The new video was created to promote the message to continue safe travel that considers travel and safety at the same time even during the phased recovery period. 6 personal quarantine rules (use of personal items, packing for visits, hand sanitizing, wearing a mask, maintaining distance, visiting authentication) will be provided. In the video, virtual influencer ‘Louis’ appears and delivers a message of healing and consolation in autumn emotions through the background music and scenery of tourist destinations that Louie covered with singer Yoon Do-hyun’s ‘Autumn in front of the post office’.

The video can be seen through the ‘every corner of Korea’ YouTube channel and SNS, and it will be transmitted from about 200 outdoor electric billboards of the government and national parks corporations and civil service offices of governments and public institutions for a month in November.

Meanwhile, in order to promote the campaign, KAC and Tmap Mobility Co., Ltd. held an event to present prizes to 3,000 visitors through a lottery for visitors to tourist destinations with excellent quarantine performance from October 22 to November 14. carried out during the period. On the T-map event page, one of 178 excellent quarantine spots selected through recommendations from 17 local governments is set as the destination, and if you arrive along the route, you will be applied for the event. Event details and a list of excellent quarantine spots can also be found on apps and websites ( for every corner of Korea.

Jeong Hye-kyung, head of the safety travel department at the Tourism Welfare Center, said, “As the demand for domestic travel increases and there is a risk of the spread of infectious diseases at a time when the quarantine system is switched, I hope that both tourist sites and tourists will follow the quarantine rules and participate in the creation of a safe travel culture.” asked for

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