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On the 31st, Miryang City will hold the Intangible Cultural Heritage No. 16 Miryang Beopheungsangwon Nori Reenactment Event ‘Miryang’s Arirang! On the 25th, it was announced that ‘Meeting Through Folk Sori Drama’ will be held.

This performance will be held on the last day of October at 3:30 pm in the courtyard of Yeongnam-ru as ‘Finding the Origin of the Sound of Beopheung’.

The folksori theater performance, which opened its first performance on October 31 last year, has been waiting for many people, but due to Corona 19, it came back after a year.

Sohn Ki-bok, secretary general of the Miryang Beopheungsangwon Nori Conservation Society, has applied a ‘play’ to the folk sounds since 2015 in order to enjoy the folk sounds of Miryang. I have been running so far with the hope that it will become the ‘sound of hometown’ for all who visit Miryang while discovering the disappearing sound of Miryang and Miryang Arirang and maintaining the original form.

Jung-gon Nam, president of the Miryang Beopheungsangwon Nori Conservation Center, said, “I am grateful for the support and interest of citizens and tourists who visit from afar and close to the difficult performance practice. I hope it will be an opportunity to do so.”

Reporter Jeon Se-ri [email protected]

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