Air transport: uniform travel conditions required | current tourism

Although the development of travel and air traffic is slowly pointing upwards again, according to the airline association Board of Airline Representatives in Germany (Barig), a real recovery is still a long way off. The still unequal regulations of the individual countries, which severely impaired the travel process and the holiday experience, are causing problems for the association.

Barig criticizes the uncoordinated action of the states in important stages of the travel chain, such as the rules for entry and exit or the designation of risk areas.
These deficiencies led to significantly more complex service processes, and increased costs and time expenditure for companies and customers. The association appeals to politicians to do more to achieve the necessary harmonization.

The association calls for specifically coordinated entry and exit rules, the harmonized recognition of vaccination, recovery and test certificates and a uniform designation of risk areas. In addition, politicians should advocate coordinated, uniform rules on travel between the EU and other third countries.

Arne Huebner

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