A hot overseas honeymoon… “Cancel Jeju Island Honeymoon and go to Maldives”

Honeymoon product price 500,000 to 1 million won↑… rising for the time being
Due to the skyrocketing domestic lodging expenses, I went abroad again.

The honeymoon market for overseas travel is heating up. It is the result of several factors, such as the global transition to ‘with Corona’, social expectations for overseas travel, and an increase in vaccination rates. As demand increases, product prices are also rising, but the travel industry predicts that demand will explode for the time being.

According to major honeymoon travel agencies and package tour agencies, recently popular honeymoon destinations include the Maldives, Cancun, Hawaii and Guam. In particular, in the case of the Maldives, it was found that by the end of this year, the demand for popular resorts is so large that it is difficult to reserve rooms. An official from Honeymoon Resort, a travel agency specializing in honeymoon, said, “There are many resorts that are already fully booked as the demand to visit the Maldives increases in the United States and Europe, which have switched to with Corona early, and there are many resorts that are already fully booked. This is one of the factors that makes it popular.”

The number of prospective couples planning their honeymoon to the Maldives has increased rapidly. Pictured is Baros Maldives Resort / Baros Maldives Resort

The rise in commodity prices is also notable due to the increase in demand. First of all, airfare and lodging fees, which are key parts of determining product prices, have increased. As of October 20, air fares for the Incheon-Hawaii route for the 10th to 17th of November are found from about 1.41 million won based on Hawaiian Airlines and 1.59 million won based on Korean Air. According to travel industry officials, the price is comparable to the price in the summer peak season before Corona 19. In addition, fares from November, which were considered the off-season, were often sold for less than 1 million won, so the actual price is higher. As demand increases, hotels are not offering specials. A travel agency official said, “The lowest price for Hawaii honeymoon travel products is set at 3 million won per person, but the hotel is actually preferred by newlyweds.If you change it to a resort, you can think of it as 4-5 million won.” He analyzed, “The Maldives product price has also increased by an average of 500,000-1 million won for 4 nights compared to before Corona 19.”

Despite the rise in product prices, the honeymoon overseas travel market is receiving a lot of attention. From the newlyweds in the second half of this year and the first half of next year, to those who returned to Korea for their honeymoon last year, and to the demand that waited until the overseas travel market opened, a flood of water broke out. In particular, as demand for high-end accommodations such as domestic luxury hotels and pool villas has been concentrated for a while, domestic honeymoon prices have surpassed overseas travel. An official from a travel agency specializing in B honeymoon said, “Inquiries from newlyweds who want to cancel their honeymoon on Jeju Island and make reservations abroad have also increased, and there is an increasing number of cases asking whether travel is possible with the departure date imminent, such as products that can depart this weekend.” The honeymoon fair, which was held every week, had so many inquiries that the number of people was greatly limited and consultations were conducted.”

As the demand for overseas honeymoon increased, travel agencies’ planned exhibitions were also active. Tomorrow Tour sells honeymoon products from Hawaii (1,69 million won), Maldives (2.9 million won) and Guam (1279,000 won) through special exhibitions, and Interpark Tour is the ‘Bali charter package’, which will depart on January 29 next year. was prepared for 6 nights and 8 days. An official from Travel Agency C predicted, “In the overseas travel market, the honeymoon market is expected to recover the fastest.”

By Son Go-eun, staff reporter [email protected]

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