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Unterföhring (ots)

October 25, 2021. “You will never know who I am!” the Phantom sounds confidently on ProSieben. Will the detectives Nora Tschirner, Karoline Herfurth and Edin Hasanovic be there on Tuesday, October 26th, in “Who is the Phantom?” teach a better one?

The three celebrities play in the new ProSieben show for clues about a prominent phantom. But of course that doesn’t want to be revealed. If the detectives can solve a riddle, they receive an indication of the identity of the known stranger. If they lose the lap, the phantom can further obscure its track. The sniffing foxes can earn up to seven tips to identify the phantom. At the end of the show, the revelation shows whether they are correct.

“It’s a rather smaller person!”, Assesses Nora Tschirner when she sees the phantom. “Nobody is in their early twenties,” says Edin Hasanovic.

Can the phantom keep any evidence of its identity secret? Not all! Investigative ProSieben research found that it should have been homesick at one point. That it’s on social media. And that it should have its own fashion collection. Now it’s clear – isn’t it?

How many clues do the detectives get? What are your guesses? And above all: who is the phantom?

Constantin Entertainment produces “Who is the Phantom?” on behalf of ProSieben.

During the broadcast, viewers can use the remote control themselves and see further information in the red button portal – available on any smart TV.

“Who is the phantom?” four episodes, weekly, starting Tuesday, October 26th, at 8:15 p.m.

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