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Renewed worries about Felix Götze overshadow MSV Duisburg’s top game against 1. FC Kaiserslautern. In the 86th minute, Felix Götze and Duisburg’s Rolf Feltscher clashed with their heads after a corner. While things could go on for Feltscher, things looked very bad for Götze – he had to be carried from the square on a stretcher. Previously, MSV keeper Weinkauf had brought the Lauterer into a stable lateral position without further ado until the medical staff arrived. “He’s in the locker room with us and gets an infusion, but then he’ll definitely be transported to the hospital,” said Antwerp coach after the game, who was shocked that Götze was hit again: “That’s the frequency then bad of course. ” Keeper Raab was hoping for a slight injury and encouraged him: “We need him. He’s a great boy.” Until the Götze shock, it was a rousing game that had its highlights in 2 slapstick goals. Above all, Duisburg’s equalization hurt Antwerp: “We’ll stumble into the ball ourselves … It hurts.” Duisburg’s new coach, Hagen Schmidt, was satisfied with his team’s second half and promised: “I’m not a miracle healer or a magician, but we will give everything and give everything.”

Below are the most important of the Monday game – if you use it, please name the source MagentaSport. On Friday, the front runner from Magdeburg will be visiting Viktoria Köln – from 6.30 p.m. live on MagentaSport.

MSV Duisburg – 1. FC Kaiserslautern 1: 1

MSV Duisburg conceded a goal for FCK for the first time after 4 games and got a fair draw on coach Hagen Schmidt’s debut. With 13 points, the team is in 17th place. Coach Schmidt rated his 1st game: “I think that we were a bit too passive in the first half for my terms. We wanted to be more courageous, but we were still too rushed in the build-up game and made it easy for Kaiserslautern to conquer the ball … In the second half we did Acting more courageously and exerting more pressure. In the end it was a well-deserved point and we are very happy to take it with us. “

He ran a lot himself on the sidelines and demanded a lot: “At the moment I am of the opinion that I have to set an example and in the first half I lacked the active and the passion. That’s why we became more emotional and a little louder in the dressing room.”

Whether he was nevertheless satisfied overall: “You can’t blame the team for their commitment and their will. Everyone fought to the end. That after a week not everything is going smoothly – I’m not a miracle healer or a magician. I can only promise all MSV fans: We’ll give.” everything and knock everything in. “

Equalizer Marlon Frey summed up the game: “We played a decent game today. You could see that we were more active than in the last few games. We conceded an unfortunate goal after a standard just before half-time. After that we still didn’t let our heads down and ended up having one earned a draw here. “

For FCK it was the first point loss after their last 4 victories, occupies 7th place with 19 points. Lautern’s coach Marco Antwerp on the curious equalization of Duisburg when the Lautern put the ball into the goal themselves: “We’ll stumble into the ball ourselves … You couldn’t get the more bitter goal. It’s practically already held. It hurts.”

1. FC Kaiserslautern has been unbeaten for 6 games and is knocking on the promotion spots. The trainer said slightly ironically about the placement: “We were actually already relegated, so we are now satisfied that we are where we are.”

Regarding Felix Götze’s condition: “He is now in the cabin with us and is given an infusion, but then he will certainly be transported to the hospital. The frequency is of course bad.”

Keeper Matheo Raab conceded a goal for the first time in 615 minutes, which was also pure slapstick: “That we conceded such an egg in the end is of course bitter. It’s a shame about the 3 points, but I think we can be satisfied with the point … It’s more annoying about the 3 points than about any minutes without conceding a goal.”

For Felix Götze there were some encouraging words from him: “I hope he’s fine and that he gets back on his feet quickly. We need him. He’s a great boy.”

MagentaSport expert Rudi Bommer on the many coach changes at MSV Duisburg in recent years: “It’s a hot place here in Duisburg. If things don’t go that way, you’re already counted and questioned.” About the decision to bring the relatively unknown Hagen Schmidt as the new coach, he said: “You have to have a bit of peace at the moment. I think Ivica Grlic is also a bit scratched at the moment and has therefore brought in a coach who is inexperienced and has not yet made any negative headlines. Then you have to look at it 4 playing looks like. “

Hagen Schmidt before his first game as an MSV trainer: “I do my job and try to speak to it, by reaching out to the boys, by offering good football. So that, over time, the audience can identify with our way of playing … That kind always belongs to that a high level of activity and passion. These are basic requirements. “

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