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25.10.2021 – 09:40

Competence Center for Skilled Workers Assurance (KOFA) Institute of the German Economy Cologne eV

Cologne (ots)

Seven out of ten companies in Germany already had problems recruiting qualified employees before the corona pandemic. Nevertheless, only three out of ten companies have a distinctly strategic HR work. Small and medium-sized companies in particular do not position themselves sufficiently as attractive employers. Succession planning in their own company is also the focus of only 44 percent of the companies surveyed. Frequently mentioned reasons for personnel work in need of optimization: There is a lack of know-how and financial resources. This is borne out by the representative Personnel Labor Index 2021 of the Competence Center Securing Skilled Workers (KOFA) at the Institute of the German Economy (IW).

In addition to the current shortage of materials, the shortage of skilled workers continues to be one of the central issues in the German economy. Even before Corona, it was difficult for companies to fill almost 80 percent of their vacancies. The effects of the corona pandemic and a weakening economy will not fundamentally change anything – because the shortage of skilled workers will be exacerbated by demographic change in the medium term.

It is therefore becoming more and more important that companies position themselves well in HR work in order to find, qualify and retain employees. However, only three out of ten companies are currently doing highly strategic HR work and are implementing a wide range of measures. This includes, for example, the targeted analysis of one’s own strengths and weaknesses as well as new ways of recruiting or qualifying employees. Furthermore, small companies in particular are not adequately prepared for the consequences of demographic change by pursuing forward-looking talent planning. Only four out of ten small companies systematically keep an eye on the age structure of their employees. These are the results of the Personnel Work Index 2021 of the Competence Center for Securing Skilled Workers (KOFA), for which a total of 1,433 companies were surveyed on the subject of “Strategic HR work and employer branding” from July to September 2020.

Small businesses are missing out on positioning opportunities

Study author Sibylle Stippler from KOFA sees the greatest challenge in the still insufficient use of so-called employer branding measures: “Small companies in particular miss the opportunity to position themselves as attractive employers through job advertisements. Our study results also show that only just under 15 percent of the companies surveyed provide information about themselves as an employer on their own career website. Companies can benefit greatly from a strong employer brand in the recruitment process on the job market. ”

For the companies surveyed, there are barriers to the further development of HR work in the form of scarce human and financial resources as well as a low willingness to change on the part of some of the workforce. Almost six out of ten companies stated that there was a lack of competent personnel for the further development of personnel work. This is also due to the fact that more often small companies do not have their own HR department. In 91.0 percent of small and 61.9 percent of medium-sized companies, management is responsible for human resources, along with many other things. These companies in particular could benefit greatly if they develop their employer brand and, based on this, derive a clear strategy which measures in HR work are particularly promising for their company.

Nevertheless, it becomes clear: Due to their more personal corporate culture, small companies are fundamentally in a good starting position to make their HR work future-proof. Six out of ten small companies already cover some important areas of analysis, recruiting, employee loyalty, qualification and positioning as an employer. It is important to build on this and find a way that suits the company.

About the KOFA: The KOFA project (Competence Center for Securing Skilled Workers) at the Institute for the German Economy started in May 2011 and is being carried out on behalf of the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi). The focus of the project is on supporting small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in securing skilled workers and structuring their personnel work. The KOFA offers on its homepage www.kofa.de concrete recommendations for action and practical examples.

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