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25.10.2021 – 13:20

MDR Mitteldeutscher Rundfunk

Leipzig (ots)

From October 28th, the MDR will be devoting itself to the environment in East Germany with a multimedia offering – this includes a 5-part film series in the ARD media library about people who get involved in their home country, the dialogue format “Talking to one another” and an interactive website.

For decades, the East German planned economy pushed people and nature to the limits of their resilience. After reunification, the country underwent a multi-billion dollar recovery program that made the air, water and soil cleaner. And yet the consequences of the environmental sins are preoccupying the new federal states to this day: Almost 20 percent of the total area is considered contaminated sites. How does the East deal with its inheritance? Do people who have directly experienced environmental degradation oppose the new, global threats to the environment and climate particularly strongly? Or do a healthy economy and a secure job weigh more heavily than worrying about the ecological future?

The 5-part series “Environment in East Germany” in the ARD Mediathek (from October 28th) and on MDR television (October 31st, 10:20 pm) accompanies people from East Germany who want to shape the future of their homeland with their visions and innovations . Climate activists in Bitterfeld, foresters in Thuringia, green politicians on the Elbe and Baltic Sea, scientists in Leuna, committed people in Lusatia – they all work in the field of tension between the legacy of the GDR and the current global challenges.

Episode 1 “The Legacy of Coal”

Episode 2 “The Legacy of Chemistry”

Episode 3 “The Legacy of the Brave”

Episode 4 “The Legacy of Change”

Episode 5 “The Heritage of the Forest”

The Webspecial

On the website mdr.de/umwelt, users can find out from November 1st what scientific data reveal about the development of the environment. For this purpose, up-to-date environmental data is classified in historical processes so that everyone can see for themselves how the environment has changed at a certain location. From the air quality, the condition of the biosphere to the condition of the soil, users can explore the specific condition of the environment and experience the connections between the environment and their own actions.

“Talk to each other”

From October 30th, two people will talk to each other in the ARD Mediathek and on the YouTube channel of the MDR for 6 x 10 minutes each with controversial perspectives on the topic of “climate”. The following questions will be discussed: “Do we have to go vegan for the climate?”, “How far does climate activism have to go?”, “Is green politics unworldly?”, “Do we have to do without more for the climate?”.

“Environment in East Germany” is part of the intensive environmental reporting of the MDR in October. Further information can be found here.

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55, E-Mail: [email protected], Twitter: @MDRpresse

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