▷ Fall: who needs to keep the sidewalk clear of leaves?

25.10.2021 – 11:30


Coburg (ots)

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Fall: who needs to keep the sidewalk clear of leaves?

  • Cleaning duty can be transferred
  • Who is liable in the event of an accident?

Many enjoy the golden autumn when the leaves slowly change color. As temperatures drop, trees also lose their leaves and rainfall increases. Both together turn sidewalks into slides. An accident can happen quickly without clearing.

Most municipalities regulate who has to pick up a broom in their statutes. Here they state whether and to what extent homeowners have to take care of cleaning the sidewalks. Anyone who permanently evades the cleaning obligation is committing an administrative offense. The owners of an apartment building are free to pass on the cleaning obligation to the tenants via the rental agreement.

If an accident occurs, it is not only a criminal offense. As HUK-COBURG reports, this is also about personal liability. For example, if a passer-by breaks his leg because someone forgot to sweep away the leaves, the person responsible has to pay for the damage. Without liability insurance, this can be expensive: In the case described, the injured party can be entitled to compensation for pain and suffering and, if he is working, compensation for his loss of earnings. If permanent damage remains after an accident, life-long pension payments can even become due.

Whether and to what extent a defaulting leaf clearer is liable, despite all the rules, often depends on the special circumstances of the individual case. If the injured party takes legal action, the liability insurance is at the customer’s side.

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