▷ Dr. Rainer Podeswa MdL: The Kimmich debate is unbearable media staging

25.10.2021 – 13:33

AfD parliamentary group in the state parliament of Baden-Württemberg

Stuttgart (ots)

The media-political AfD parliamentary group spokesman Dr. Rainer Podeswa MdL has criticized the alleged debate about the vaccination status of Bayern star Joshua Kimmich as an unbearable media staging. “On the one hand the corona quarantine of the double-vaccinated coach Julian Nagelsmann, on the other hand the non-vaccination of five Bayern players with the newly crowned national team captain Kimmich at the top – that is the stuff that scandals are made of today that are not scandals. The gene-based vaccines, like Kimmich that unexplained long-term risks such as autoimmune diseases and tumorigenesis can arise is a medical fact, as Wolf-Dieter Ludwig, head of the Drugs Commission of the German medical profession, recently admitted. Not so for Germany’s journalists. Sport1 headlines: ‘Does Joshua Kimmich split the team by refusing to vaccinate?’, ‘The message is fatal’ Süddeutsche, the Stern finds Kimmich’s statements ‘devastating’. And the Karlsruhe BNN even claim that immunization is an ‘act of common sense and duty to society’. Apart from the fact that vaccination does not make you immune, as breakthroughs and infections show – anyone who subjects the medical condition of an individual to the judgment of a collective reveals an abysmal oblivion of history. Germany has already gained sufficient experience with the National Socialist concept of ‘public health’. It is simply about creating the mood, about swearing the collective on a unified course, about marking deviants. Julius Streicher celebrates a happy birth. ”

Today, debates are often no longer, but media aggregated monologues of those who would like to assert their interpretive sovereignty, said the parliamentary group vice-president. “This is exactly what has happened since Sunday, as can be seen from the ideological example SKY– Kimmich’s interrogation can see: ‘What would the world look like if everyone acted like you?’ he was asked seriously. For the Time on the other hand, it was an ‘excellent example of what field reporters can do journalistically’. This sheet then outdid itself by smugly referring to the fact that Kimmich, as a player, is acting in an area that he as a fan is not even allowed to enter, and then went on to say: ‘Kimmich does not have to wear the captain’s armband for the national team wear more as long as he is unvaccinated and undermines the vaccination campaign of the DFB ‘. That’s no joke. We do not have to be vaccinated, but whoever actually claims voluntariness will be disciplined to feel it? That has nothing to do with journalism, we see opinion-sniffers with missionary zeal who want to bring down everything and everyone who does not fit into the worldview – which is appropriately identical to that of the government. I am appalled by this hunt, with which the unvaccinated are ultimately seen as a threat, even a murderer, and which is a further indication of the diabolical division in society. ”

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AfD parliamentary group in the state parliament of Baden-Württemberg
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Original content by: AfD parliamentary group in the state parliament of Baden-Württemberg, transmitted by news aktuell


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