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25.10.2021 – 14:41

Polaris Biology

Shanghai (ots/PRNewswire)

Polaris Biology, a leading innovator in single cell technology, today announced the largest product launch in the company’s history with the introduction of the Starion (TM) mass cytometry system.

The next-generation mass cytometer has revolutionized the industry with its high throughput and full spectrum capture for simultaneous analysis of more than 40 parameters with single cell resolution. Such a resolution is achieved by marking with metal isotopes, which enables a minimal signal overlap during the test, which eliminates the need for compensation. Thanks to its efficient barcoding technology, it is able to analyze 120 individual samples in one assay. This is a huge step forward over traditional fluorescence-based flow cytometry, making it ideal for use in healthcare, universities, and scientific research.

In addition to the device, the system also includes antibodies, panel kits, and multidimensional data visualization toolkits; together it offers a reliable analysis platform from a single source for the multiparametric characterization of cells.

“New knowledge is promoted by novel technologies,” said Dr. Yuchong Wang, CEO of Polaris Biology. “We believe that Starion (TM) will deliver the insights that are critical to transforming the world of human health.”

About Polaris Biology

Polaris Biology drives the development of single cell technologies. With the proprietary Starion (TM) mass cytometry system, Polaris Biology offers a comprehensive range of devices, ready-to-use antibodies, custom panel kits and IT tools. Polaris Biology is committed to working with clinicians, academics, and the pharmaceutical industry to understand the true complexities of biology and disease.

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