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25.10.2021 – 15:25

AfD – alternative for Germany

Berlin (ots)

Last weekend, stone throwing and arson in Leipzig triggered another large police operation. The Saxon administrative court had expected that from the demonstration “All together – autonomous, resistant, irreconcilable!” extreme left-wing violence and banned the march, which was registered as a kind of star march. Despite the ban, there was significant property damage and violence against police officers. Among other things, several vehicles were set on fire in front of a car dealership. Carsten Hütter, member of the Saxon state parliament and member of the AfD federal executive board, comments on the umpteenth incident of left-wing extremist violence in Leipzig as follows:

“It was clear to all involved from the start that left-wing radicals would not adhere to a ban on demonstrations by one of their hated state organs and would exercise violence regardless of a judge’s finger pointing. Why else would you move thousands of police officers to Leipzig? How tightly organized and perfectly orchestrated left-wing extremist violence in Leipzig is, proves the left-wing terrorist ringleader Lisa E., who is still in custody, even the left-wing Leipziger Volkszeitung asks in a puzzled headline after the riot weekend: ‘After attacks in Leipzig: Why did the police release six suspects again?’ I wonder what still has to happen before the Leipzig and Saxon politicians finally wake up and actively fight left-wing terrorism in Leipzig – for example with a police who oppose left-wing terrorism and with long prison sentences for allegedly lighter crimes such as arson or stone throwing fen. Leipzig urgently needs a zero tolerance strategy towards left-wing terrorism! ”

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