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26.10.2021 – 01:00

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Booster vaccinations for risk groups: Doctors’ Association and patient advocates call for more speed

Virchowbund boss: “Abolishing vaccination centers was a mistake” – Brysch: Only twelve percent of the over 70-year-olds received a vaccination offer

Osnabrück. Medical associations and patient advocates are calling for significantly more speed with the Corona booster vaccinations for the very elderly and the previously ill: “Booster vaccinations for the vulnerable groups are urgently needed, especially in view of the increasing numbers,” said Dirk Heinrich, Federal Chairman of the Virchow Association of Resident Doctors, in an interview with the “Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung” (NOZ). “Unfortunately, this is not uniformly regulated nationwide, so that there are delays in some places.”

The general practitioners’ association is particularly responsible. “Very early on, he called for the vaccination centers to be closed because they were supposedly not needed. That was a mistake,” said Heinrich. “Therefore, the association must now ensure nationwide booster vaccinations, also in nursing homes, by the general practitioners and send mobile vaccination teams there.”

The Virchowbund boss appealed to all resident doctors to also give the third dose of vaccination to those high-risk patients who received their first vaccinations in vaccination centers. “Nobody should fall through the cracks here. It cannot be that someone who needs the booster has to spend hours on the phone.”

Eugen Brysch, board member of the German Foundation for Patient Protection, also complained about the “sluggish process” when boosting. “The statutory health insurance associations are responsible for ensuring that after a good three months just twelve percent of those over 70 years of age have received a third vaccination offer,” said Brysch of the NOZ. “Now it is taking its toll that the vaccination centers and mobile teams have largely been abolished precisely under pressure from the health insurance physician officials.”

Germany is now far from a nationwide uniform Corona concept, although autumn and winter are just around the corner. “For nursing home residents, those in need of care and hospital patients, the corona protective shield is even getting weaker,” said Brysch. To change that, these groups also need “a systematic check of the immune status and daily tests for those affected, their relatives and caregivers”.

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