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25.10.2021 – 19:48

Central Bavarian Newspaper

Regensburg (ots)

Actually, everything should be completely different in dealing with the refugees who are trying to get to the USA via the southern border with Mexico. At least that’s what the president had promised during the election campaign when he castigated his predecessor’s border policy as inhuman. With a “zero tolerance” policy, he aimed at deterrence. The government also dusted off a paragraph in the code of law in the mid-1940s that allowed people to be refused at the border who came from a country where an infectious disease was circulating. In the United States, this section is known as Title 42 of the law. Formally, it is up to the health authority “CDC” to determine whether the conditions exist that justify a rejection. There is no doubt that the Covid-19 pathogen is raging in Central and South America, from where almost eight out of ten of the 1.7 asylum seekers who US border guards picked up in the past fiscal year come from. Even under new leadership, the CDC confirmed the requirements for “Title 42” in the summer. At this point in time, the delta variant of the virus was spreading rapidly in the US and providing the government with a welcome excuse to use the paragraph to get another out of control get the problem under control. While migration from the south usually follows a seasonal pattern, the hot summer months brought no relief this time. The refugees risked the often fatal trek through the scorching border region to the north. Instead of abolishing “Title 42” as promised, Joe Biden’s Secretary of Homeland Security Alexander Mayorkas used the paragraph to send almost all adult asylum seekers who turned up alone at the border back to Mexico without a hearing. The government made exceptions due to court decisions regarding children and young people and family associations. This practice had an unintended consequence. At times this summer, the border guards again picked up almost four out of ten people who had been turned back shortly before after “Title 42”. According to experts, this makes the crisis at the border appear bigger than it is. The adjusted number of asylum seekers apprehended is therefore around one million. That is still a large number of people on a historical scale who are overwhelming America’s border authorities in practice. As last seen in the misery camp of “Del Rio” in Texas on the Rio Grande. Around 15,000 Haitian refugees were temporarily stranded there in September. Images of mounted border guards rounding up black people and cattle shocked civil rights activists, as did the subsequent deportation of thousands of Haitians. When the government starts again in mid-November to send refugees who have been admitted to the asylum procedure back to Mexico, the controversial “Remain in Mexico” policy of the previous government will also be in effect again. In fairness it has to be mentioned that a federal judge nominated by Donald Trump forced the White House to reinstate this practice. Looked at soberly, President Biden’s border policy differs much less from the policy of his predecessor than his voters had hoped. Biden disappointed many. Vice President Kamala Harris, who took on the task of developing a coherent border policy in March, turned out to be a total failure. Except for a flying visit to El Paso and a visit to Central America, Harris has not seen much since then. The government hardly draws any conclusions from the fact that most migrants are not job seekers, but rather are fleeing violence, climate change and the pandemic. As long as the causes of this unprecedented migration from the south are not addressed, the situation on the border cannot be brought under control. What would be needed for this would be a political shift from the USA to Latin America, of which there is not much to be seen.

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