▷ Bella Calabria – Murder Included: the second novel by Barbara Collet

25.10.2021 – 12:51

Barbara Collet, author

Buxtehude (ots)

Arrived – the ‘Ndrangheta is not only in Calabria

In the past, people in our country wondered where Calabria was. In Europe? Or somewhere else? That has changed since the murders in front of the pizzeria in Duisburg in 2007 – on the day in honor of Saint Mary, mother of all devout Catholics, of all places. The inconspicuous village of St. Luca gained notoriety. The ‘Ndrangheta has since become part of the consciousness of the judiciary and the public. Corrado Alvaro, famous poet and son of the village of St. Luca, published his first contribution in 1955, a year before his death Corriere della Sera about the village mafia, now organized worldwide.

The neighboring pilgrimage site Polsi and the Aspromonte are not explicitly named in the novel, but described precisely “Bella Calabria – Mord inclusive“, has been in the focus of the Carabinieri for years. The title of the novel reflects the situation in the country: The paradox refers to its turmoil, whose natural beauty and ancient civilization is being destroyed by the criminal organization.

The novel takes the reader into the eighties, the consolidation phase of the Mafia – often practiced in unanimous agreement with the Catholic Church.

The plot:

Antonio, prior of a Carmelite brotherhood in southern Calabria, discovers the long-kept secret of his family thanks to his archaeological hobby research. With his friend David, a specialist in Phoenician culture, he comes across a sensational find, which – especially in connection with the accidental uncovering of one of the oldest synagogues in the country – gains a political dimension: Calabria has Greek roots, according to the official reading. Antonio is confronted with the intrigues of the protection of monuments and a representative of Opus Dei sent from Rome. The Roman priest is supposed to sound out the terrain. And so the Spaniard observes acatholic processes with eagle eyes. The order also has a monastery in mind, which is suitable as a stopover for its black money. Here the Roman envoy found an approach that could help him take power. However, he did not expect the ‘Ndrangheta to be present. Without giving anything away, the ending is in keeping with Calabrian customs.

The author, married to the French ethno-archaeologist Serge Collet, has experienced the Calabrian culture since 1985. The projects that failed due to the resistance of the Mafia (objective: job creation) gave her a profound insight into the country.

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