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25.10.2021 – 14:05


Osnabrück (ots)

Digital technologies have found their way into vehicle construction for many years, and the car is increasingly becoming a computer on four wheels. What increases efficiency and driving comfort on the one hand also creates increasing challenges on the other hand: Gone are the days when the mobile base could be easily maintained with a wrench and oil can. Troubleshooting becomes a complex problem.

The manufacturers have responded with on-board diagnostics and a system of complex error codes, but this solution does not appear to be really satisfactory either: Diagnoses are not always accurate and this often leads to the direct replacement of a whole series of supposedly defective components. Ecological sustainability and economic efficiency fall by the wayside.

This is where a new project, sponsored by the Federal Ministry of Economics, comes into play. The “Autowerkstatt 4.0” project aims to use artificial intelligence to drastically simplify troubleshooting and at the same time create a platform for the trustworthy exchange of data between the workshops. It brings artificial intelligence to the lift, improves the accuracy of the fault diagnosis and thus helps to save time and costs and to make service and maintenance more ecologically efficient.

As part of the expert round table “Future Digital Automotive” of the “German ict + medienakademie”, Prof. Dr. Marco Barenkamp, ​​founder and CEO of the Osnabrück AI specialist LMIS AG, who is the consortium leader in the project, and Lukas Jakubczyk from the Georg Agricola University of Technology, will now publicly present the project to an interested specialist audience in Cologne on October 27th.

Prof. Dr. Marco Barenkamp is convinced: “With ‘Autowerkstatt 4.0’ we are preparing the ground for a fundamental paradigm shift – away from the purely symptomatic to a truly causal diagnosis. Artificial intelligence makes the automotive workshop of the 21st century more sustainable and efficient.” He and his co-speaker are also trying to reduce fears and misunderstandings around the topic of AI: “We are happy,” says the Osnabrück AI expert, “that artificial intelligence is slowly gaining resonance outside of the IT industry in the narrower sense and want to show that high technology and honest craftsmanship can go hand in hand today – for the benefit of customers, for the benefit of companies and, last but not least, for the benefit of the environment. ”

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