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24.10.2021 – 08:30

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You got all-round information about what the baby needs, only bought the best things and cooked a delicious porridge – but the baby turns away, muddles around and whines. Sometimes changing baby’s diet isn’t as easy as thought. What you can do then explains the new guidebook “Babies First Porridge” from the parents’ magazine “Baby und Familie”.

Let dad and grandma feed them

Sometimes it is enough for dad and grandma to take care of the feeding – and not mum, who otherwise breastfeeds. Also a Meeting with other mothers and your babies can help, because this is how the child sees how the other little ones are eating. If the child only looks at the food of the grown-ups and is not interested in its porridge, it may as well soft Slice of bread without crust or a soft, peeled, cooled potato from the family dinner. Babies also have fun spooning themselves – and that’s why they are allowed to do so even “grab the spoon”.

You can find more valuable tips that help with small hurdles, everything you need to know to start with complementary foods, as well as 40 delicious recipes in the new guide book “Babies First Bread” from the parents’ magazine “Baby und Familie” (ISBN: 978-3-927216-66-2 , PZN 17364752, 14.99 euros, 128 pages), available in bookshops, pharmacies and at https://shop.apotheken-umschau.de.

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