▷ SoVD appeals to newly elected parliamentarians

24.10.2021 – 09:56

Social Association Germany (SoVD)

Berlin (ots)

Four weeks after the federal election in 2021, the newly elected Bundestag will meet for the first time on October 26th. The Social Association Germany (SoVD) welcomes the fact that parliament has become younger, more colorful and, with 34.7 percent women, also a bit more feminine. SoVD federal women’s spokeswoman Jutta König finds progress, but not the end of the flagpole. “We cannot accept women in the SoVD, which is currently almost 35 percent, despite its slight increase. That is why we will continue to work to ensure that the next federal government brings a parity law in place.” But first of all, the coalition negotiations must be conducted and successfully concluded. SoVD President Adolf Bauer appeals to the parliamentarians: “Numerous urgent challenges do not tolerate delay. That is why the Bundestag should use the time until a government is formed sensibly and take important decisions.”

Among other things, the SoVD president is calling for quick and unbureaucratic help for people with low incomes who are increasingly in need of existence due to the extreme energy prices. “As SoVD we are demanding an unbureaucratic energy surcharge for low-wage earners. For many of those affected, the current situation is extremely serious and is getting worse every day. Other European countries have already taken measures to alleviate people’s suffering. We can do this In an acute emergency, don’t wait for the coalition negotiations to come to an end, you have to act immediately. ”

In addition, from the perspective of the SoVD, a good one and a half years after the outbreak of the pandemic in Germany, it must be ensured that Germany can find its way back to regular, nursing care. This includes, in particular, ensuring the care assessment in the home environment in direct discussions with the person in need of care to determine the relevant level of care and regular quality checks of care facilities. At the same time, hygiene concepts and contact options must be guaranteed in all care facilities in order to prevent people in need of care from being isolated again, especially in the upcoming winter months.

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