▷ Rhein-Neckar-Zeitung (Heidelberg) on ​​”Olaf-phorie” / SPD

24.10.2021 – 20:18


Heidelberg. (ots)

“The jubilation is granted to the Social Democrats. All too often in the last few decades they have not felt like a winner. A Chancellor with an SPD party membership card is a huge success – but only a snapshot.

The Southwest comrades are mistaken if they believed the current polls. No, they are not yet on a par with the Greens and the CDU. The structural problems in the state are too great for the national trend to cover them up permanently. Especially since it is by no means clear how long “Hoch Olaf” will lie over Germany. The next Bundestag will be elected before the Landtag.

The central problem remains the lack of charisma. Party leader Andreas Stoch certainly made a contribution to pacifying the quarreling party. But the top candidate hardly got through in the state election campaign. The SPD remained an inconspicuous spectator in the green-black duel. Without Winfried Kretschmann, things could look different in 2026. But that is by no means certain. Especially since in terms of content – according to the latest analysis of the election failure – it remained unclear what the SPD stands for.

Not to delay the necessary reforms, despite the omnipresent “Olaf phoria”, that will be the central task of the next few years. “

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