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24.10.2021 – 09:00

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With a chronic illness Doing the job is a challenge for many people. Next to physical discomfort such as pain, limited mobility, or side effects from medication psychological problems burden the working people. Nevertheless, Dr. Gabriele Seidel from the Medical University of Hanover: “Staying in paid work for as long as possible is important.” This shows how you can stay in your job despite illness “HausArzt-PatientMagazin”.

A strategy of small steps is helpful

The job not only secures income, but also that social presence – this is an important aspect in order to keep it as high as possible for a long time life quality to get, says Gabriele Seidel, who revolves around the topic Health literacy researches and is the managing director of the “patient university”. The chronically ill should deal with their Budget resources. “One tip is the strategy of taking small steps”, so Seidel. “You should consciously set yourself lower goals than usual.” ‘Cause it’s better small successes to be recorded as failing frequently. The best thing to do is to write a plan of action that also includes time-outs.

Efficient thanks to good self-management

A open interaction The disease can also make a lot of things easier, advises Seidel: “Communicate when you need help. Those who fear, colleagues to be a burden, can offer to support the others at the next opportunity. “ A good Self management make sure that you remain productive for a long time despite illness. “In addition to a healthy diet and exercise, this includes taking part in therapies and medical recommendations to be followed “says Seidel. “Those who also pay attention to signals such as exhaustion protect themselves from being overwhelmed.”

This report is only free for publication if the source is acknowledged. The “HausArzt -patientmagazin” is published by the German Association of General Practitioners in cooperation with Wort & Bild Verlag. Issue 4/2021 is distributed to patients in general practitioners’ practices across Germany. The “HausArzt-PatientMagazin” can also be found on Facebook.

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