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24.10.2021 – 17:23

Frankfurter Rundschau

Frankfurter Rundschau (ots)

Viktor Orbán believes he is in a fight against the EU. He calls on his compatriots to barricade their houses. The Brussels invaders are on the march to rob the people of Hungary of their homeland and their culture. Freedom, family, nation: everything in great danger. More madness is hardly possible. Orbán gave his incendiary speech on the anniversary of the 1956 Hungarian uprising, which Soviet tanks rolled down. The message: Brussels is the new Moscow. But why does Orbán not initiate Hungary’s exit from the EU, if all this is so terrible? The answer is banal: money. No other politician in Europe benefits as much from EU funds as Orbán. But that is exactly what will soon be over. The EU Commission seems ready to impose sanctions. In this situation Orban seeks confrontation. Especially since an election campaign has just begun in Hungary, in which he has to deal with a united opposition for the first time since 2010.

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