▷ Lower Saxony’s agriculture minister warns: Thousands of jobs in the agricultural sector are at risk

25.10.2021 – 01:00

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Lower Saxony’s Agriculture Minister warns: Thousands of jobs in the agricultural sector are at risk

Otte-Kinast: “Conversion of animal husbandry must be priority number one” – Against exit bonus

Osnabrück. Lower Saxony’s Agriculture Minister Barbara Otte-Kinast (CDU) has called on the new federal government to act quickly in the agricultural crisis. The CDU politician said in an interview with the “Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung” (NOZ): “The conversion of animal husbandry must have priority number one for the new government, otherwise we will soon no longer have any animal husbandry in Germany.” In view of the persistently low producer prices and unclear prospects, many farmers are deceiving themselves with the idea of ​​getting out. “The farmers can’t hold out much longer.”

In this context, Otte-Kinast warned of massive job losses in the agricultural sector: Agriculture is more than the individual farmer. The farms had jobs for people who built stables, sold tractors, and so on. When it became known that Volkswagen could cut 30,000 jobs, the outcry in politics and society would be great, complained Otte-Kinast. However, many are apparently not aware of how important agriculture is for Lower Saxony alone: ​​”Due to the current crisis situation, thousands of jobs are also at risk here.”

The minister does not want to encourage farmers to abandon animal husbandry. “I am against an exit or scrapping premium,” she told the NOZ. Most recently, the farmers’ associations from Lower Saxony and Westphalia-Lippe called for such a crisis instrument because of the low pork prices. According to Otte-Kinast, animal husbandry will also be needed in the future. Instead, she spoke out in favor of a “future bonus”: “In other words, money for the farms that want to continue. Politicians must encourage these farmers to persevere.”



Lower Saxony’s Minister of Agriculture: Food is becoming significantly more expensive

Otte-Kinast expects price increases in the supermarket – “Cheap is over”

Osnabrück. In the opinion of Lower Saxony’s Agriculture Minister Barbara Otte-Kinast, grocery shopping will soon be significantly more expensive. The CDU politician told the “Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung”: “The days of cheap food are over.” Otte-Kinast referred to the significantly increased production costs in agriculture. Recently, the prices for fertilizers had exploded. “That inevitably leads to a price increase. On top of that come the costs of higher environmental and animal welfare standards,” says Otte-Kinast. Many would feel that at the checkout in the supermarket right away. “It will hurt some more than others. But cheap is over. We will have to get used to that.”

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