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24.10.2021 – 15:46

EVG Railway and Transport Union

Berlin (ots)

The “Alliance for Our Railways” was concluded in April – 1.5 years ago. So far, Deutsche Bahn AG has only received EUR 1 billion of the capital aid promised to the amount of EUR 5 billion from the federal government. According to Deutsche Bahn AG, further payments are expected by the end of the year.

In addition Martin Burkert, Vice-Chairman of the Railway and Transport Union (EVG): The EVG calls on the federal government to finally meet its obligations. The “Alliance for our Railways” was concluded as early as April 2020 – and in July of last year the Bundestag approved an additional EUR 5 billion in equity on this basis to compensate for the damage caused by the pandemic.

The DB workforce has long since made its contribution to the alliance with a zero round. It is completely incomprehensible that the federal government is not meeting its promises and obligations. The railway was and is in a difficult economic situation – the federal government’s commitments are not only overdue, they are urgently needed. I call on the still-owner and Federal Transport Minister Andreas Scheuer to end this time game and to meet the payment obligations immediately.

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