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▷ E-mobility Echem, Hohnstorf, Artlenburg, Barum

24.10.2021 – 06:00


Hohnstorf (ots)

E-mobility Echem, Hohnstorf, Artlenburg, Barum – Elektro Burmester sets new standards.

A wide range of services from the electrical engineering department awaits you at Burmester Elektrotechnik. Mike Burmester’s young company from Lüneburg provides plenty of expertise as well as a significant amount of specialist knowledge.

Especially if you are looking for “E-mobility Echem, Hohnstorf, Artlenburg, Barum“you have found the ideal contact in Burmester Elektrotechnik.

Burmester focuses on conventional electrical installations such as electricity meters, sockets, switches or cables. Doorbells and intercom systems are also professionally installed and maintained, as are telephone systems. The associated network technology is also a specialty of Burmester Elektrotechnik. The company successfully lays fiber optic cables in Lüneburg and the region. Consumers particularly appreciate the fast transfer rates of the same technology and the very low susceptibility to breakdowns.

Elektro Burmester has developed into an absolute expert company in the photovoltaic and photovoltaic storage segments and has made a name for itself far beyond the borders of Lüneburg. The implementation of smart home solutions is just as much a part of the scope of services as solutions in the field of e-mobility.

Burmester Elektrotechnik sets new standards in lighting technology. The specialist company uses excellent LED lighting in living rooms or offices, business premises and commercial areas. In the outdoor area, both in private houses and in street and parking lot lighting, clients count on suggestions from Mike Burmester Elektrotechnik.

It is not just company and company premises that are monitored for safety. Private individuals are also increasingly seeing the need to protect their property. Mike Burmester Elektrotechnik supports in this case with camera surveillance and intrusion alarm systems. The systems meet the latest safety requirements and are professionally installed.

When it comes to fire protection Burmester electrical engineering to modern security systems, which are checked and maintained by the company at regular intervals at the request of the consumer. Consumers benefit from the fact that all service offers come from a single source. The range of services offered by Burmester Elektrotechnik is completed by the topics of building site electricity and solar batteries.

With the E-Check, Burmester has a very interesting service for any landlord, property manager or home owner. Because during this check, electrical systems are examined for any defects. Thus, troubles are prevented before they arise. This is exactly what lowers follow-up costs and makes for a great feeling.

Personal and professional customer service is important to the employees. This is the only way to create customer-specific concepts to the satisfaction of all those involved. A tailor-made service, adherence to deadlines and adherence to the agreed budget are the hallmarks of the company’s work. Only high-quality articles are used.

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