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24.10.2021 – 05:46

Dreame Technology

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Dreame Technology, a global leader in intelligent household cleaning appliances, launches the W10 self-cleaning robot vacuum and mop in December.

Conventional vacuum cleaner robots have difficulties dealing with wet or dried out dirt on hard floors. Picking up dust and dirt from floors and carpets and mopping up dirt or spilled liquids on hard floors would require different cleaning methods from separate robots, thus requiring a robot vacuum cleaner for vacuuming and a robot mop for mopping.

In addition, cleaning the mops and drying them are significant problems for many robotic mops. Disassembly, scrubbing, wringing, and air drying require a lot of time and labor. Air-drying mops is particularly important, as a damp cloth is a breeding ground for bacteria and molds easily.

With a 2-in-1 suction and mop function as well as several cleaning modes for carpets and hard floors, the Dreame W10 effortlessly handles wet soiling, dry dirt, grime and dried-on stains. Once cleaning is complete, the mops are automatically washed, scrubbed and hot air dried to ensure they are clean and fresh for the next cleaning use.

The Dreame W10 has some impressive features. Two separate 4 liter water tanks – one for clean and one for dirty water – enable longer cleaning operations without manual intervention. With the quick cleaning process, in which dirty mops are rinsed and scrubbed in between, the floors are always wiped with clean water.

Thanks to an improved LiDAR-based SLAM navigation system, the W10 also updates a map of its surroundings 12 times faster than before. It maps rooms even in the dark, creates systematic cleaning routes and can save up to 3 different floor plans. A high-performance battery provides power to clean up to 300 m² with a single charge.

“The W10 addresses some of what we believe to be the biggest problems with cleaning robots. With the W10, which combines vacuuming, mopping, and self-cleaning, we have achieved just that There is no need for manual cleaning, “said Frank Wang, International Marketing Director of Dreame Technology.

The self-cleaning vacuum cleaner and mop robot Dreame W10 will be available on Amazon in the US on December 5th. More details will follow soon.

AliExpress 11.11 Sales Event

Dreame also announced the November 11th and 12th sales event to celebrate the 11/11 Shopping Festival. Products include cordless stick vacuum cleaners, wet and dry vacuum cleaners, and vacuum cleaner robots that operate on AliExpress will be available.

The vacuum cleaners featured include the Dreame V9, V10, T10, T20 and T30. The versatile stick vacuum cleaners all have a high suction power, multilayer filtering, long running times and several attachments and are offered with a price discount of more than 45%.

The new wet and dry vacuum cleaners of the H series are also offered. The H11 and H11 Max both have a 900 ml tank for clean water, a 500 ml tank for dirty water, a one-touch self-cleaning mode, an intuitive LED display and intelligent voice prompts. However, the H11 Max offers a longer running time, an extended dirt sensor and automatic adjustment of the suction power. Both are offered with a discount of more than 30%.

Dreame’s most popular vacuum cleaner robots L10 Pro and Z10 Pro are also offered at a discount. Both robots have a 2-in-1 suction and mopping function and are equipped with 4,000 Pa suction power, LiDAR navigation, suction enhancement on carpets and anti-entanglement brushes. The Z10 Pro also has an automatic emptying function that automatically empties dirt and dust into a 4-liter bag in the docking station. Both vacuum cleaner robots are offered 40-45% cheaper.

The campaign is exclusive to AliExpress and will only take place on November 11th and 12th.

Information on Dreame Technology

Founded in 2015, Dreame Technology is an innovative consumer products company focused on smart cleaning equipment for the home with a vision to improve lives through technology. follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. For more information, see: https://www.dreame-technology.com.

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